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Since the invention of the Internal Brace, knee injuries that would previously have sidelined athletes for entire seasons or kept people out of work for months have been repaired with remarkable speed.
The internal knee braces in Dubai are the most significant breakthrough in the field of ligament and tendon repair in the last 30 years, revolutionizing surgical outcomes and allowing professional athletes to return to sports faster and stronger than with traditional methods of fixation.

What is Internal Knee Brace?

An internal Knee Brace is a non-painful addition to any tendon or ligament repair and shields it during the critical healing and remodeling phase following surgery. As a result, it allows for immediate weight – bearing and mobilization following surgery, which is not possible with traditional methods of
In other words, Internal Knee Braces in Dubai are simple percutaneous devices that provide temporary stability while the medial ligament heals. This not only ensures anatomical length, preventing attenuation during the early stages of recovery, but it can also facilitate early mobilization, which prevents secondary detrimental changes to the joint, improves soft tissue strength, and speeds up healing.

Who can benefit from Internal Knee Bracing?

Sports Injuries – Everyone of any age can benefit from an internal brace, from Olympians and professional athletes to joggers, from children to middle-aged men to grandparents at home.
General Injuries – Every year, thousands of people rupture ligaments and tendons, whether they fall on the cricket field, fall off their bike or hurt themselves lifting.

Purpose of Knee Bracing

Internal Knee Braces for ACL

If Internal Knee Bracing is done during an ACL reconstruction, the balancing of the joint can improve the accuracy of the ACL repair or reconstruction and, in theory, reduce the risk of misplacement and surgical failure. It is important to note that a conservatively managed medial ligament during ACL repair can frequently increase the risk of ACL rupture because the strain is transferred from the lax medial ligament to the restructured graft.

Internal Knee Braces for MCL
The MCL (medial collateral ligament – one of the four major ligaments in the knee) helps to stabilize the knee joint and save it from moving too far inward. An injury to it can hinder this movement. Internal Knee Braces for MCL can effectively repair or augment the medial collateral ligament (MCL). They allow for an early range of motion and weight bearing, which helps to speed up the recovery process.

How is Internal Knee Brace better?

Internal brace repair mechanisms make use of the body recuperative and repair capabilities. The repair period after an injury can last up to four weeks; if surgery is performed during this time, the results will be better because the body is repairing and healing the injury. Conventional ligament reconstruction is typically performed six weeks after the injury, when the body's repair phase has ended, whereas internal-based technology allows the surgery to be performed immediately after the injury, during the repair phase, leading to stronger and faster ligament healing.

Internal knee braces – Success stats
● By 12 weeks after surgery, 90% of ACL repairs had restored 90% of function.
● An AC joint supplemented with the Internal Brace can help to avoid the 40% of patients
who have residual instability following traditional surgery.
● Internal Bracing allows 100% of knee ligaments to bear the weight the day after surgery.

Benefits of Internal Knee Braces

Apart from speedy post-surgery recovery, the following are some of the other benefits of knee braces in Dubai:
● The gold standard – The way Internal Brace works makes it ideal for any ligament reconstruction.
● Minimising joint arthritis – With the Internal Brace, we are attempting to reduce this complication.

● Stronger and more stable – The addition of an Internal Brace means that a damaged joint can actually be stronger post-surgery as it continues to be a support like an internal seatbelt.

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Dr Rik Kundra is the leading athlete orthopaedic professional in Dubai, offering a range of knee braces procedures and treatments to meet your needs. With his expertise, you can be sure of receiving professional care and will recover from surgery faster than ever before.
If you or someone close to you requires Internal Knee Braces in Dubai, then be sure to consult Dr Rik for more information on how he can help improve their quality of life.