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The meniscus is an extension of cartilage located in the knee joint. A meniscus tear is a common knee injury, which can be caused by sudden twisting movements or other impact injuries. Meniscal surgery is usually performed in order to relieve pain and mechanical symptoms related to the meniscus. If you are in need of meniscal surgery in Dubai, you can reach out to Dr Rik Kundra.

What are the symptoms of a torn meniscus?

The symptoms of a torn meniscus that may need meniscus surgery:

Types of Meniscal Surgeries

Common types of Meniscus Surgeries include:

Partial Meniscectomy

A Partial Meniscectomy is a surgical technique that involves the removal of a small section of the meniscus, which is damaged or unstable. After that, the remaining meniscus edges are smoothed to make sure that no frayed ends are left.

Total Meniscectomy

A Total Meniscectomy refers to the entire removal of the meniscus. This is an operation typically done as a knee arthroscopy in cases where the knee is severely damaged or when damage to the meniscus outweighs any benefit from retaining it.

Meniscus Repair

A meniscus repair surgery is a surgical procedure that helps maintain the cartilage in your knee joint. In this process, the surgeon uses a variety of fixation techniques to help retain as much meniscus as possible. This is important to help preserve the knee joint by maintaining as much of the shock absorber cartilage in the joint as possible.

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“It’s always important to try to save the meniscus whenever possible. In this case there was a complex tear (with multi-layer splits) of the lateral meniscus. This was repaired using multiple vertical sutures to obtain compression and good hold to restore the shock absorber “

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