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ACL reconstruction surgery is a surgical procedure to replace/reconstruct the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a thick connective tissue band that runs from the femur to the tibia and is located behind the Kneecap (Patella).  In other words, it is a ligament that connects your thigh bone to the shinbone. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a key ligament that aids in the stability of your knee joint.

ACL surgery is usually recommended following a tear to the ligament. Athletes are more prone to such injuries as their movements tend to  involve sudden jerks or pivoting.

Dr Rik Kundra has extensive experience in ACL reconstruction surgery in Dubai. He has hands-on experience in treating complex knee disorders and treating knee problems of both recreational and professional athletes.

When is ACL reconstruction surgery in dubai recommended?

Your doctor may suggest ACL surgery in the following cases:

  • Injury: Adults in their day-to-day life may suffer severe ACL injuries due to heavy labor or persistent knee movements over a long period. Athletes who need to pivot, turn, or twist may also need ACL surgery after suffering accidental knee injuries.
  • Functional instability: If you face ongoing knee instability that hinders you in day-to-day activities, despite having undergone conservative treatment such as physiotherapy

What happens in an ACL Reconstruction surgery?

A new ACL is constructed by taking tissue grafts from the patient’s own quadriceps, hamstrings, patellar tendon, or from a donor (allograft). It is an arthroscopic procedure that uses minimally-invasive techniques to help speed up recovery.

Here’s how an ACL surgery is generally carried out:

The hamstring tendon and the patella tendon are the two most commonly used tendons as ACL grafts. The hamstring tendon graft is preferred in most patients, and it is probably best to avoid using the patella tendon if there is significant pre-existing pain or instability in the front of the knee.

  • Surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia and lasts about an hour and a half. 
  • The selected graft is harvested through small incisions and prepared to create a new ligament. 
  • The inside of the knee is prepared with small keyhole-size incisions and tunnels are created in the tibia and femur at the anatomical location of the old ligament’s attachment points. 
  • Most of the procedure is done through keyhole surgery (arthroscopy). The majority of the old ACL is removed to make room for the new graft.
  • The new graft ligament is then secured through the tunnels with the help of a small metal button on the femur bone and similar button at the shin bone end. 

These fixation devices are usually not required to be removed. If the meniscus or articular cartilage is torn, the damage can be cleaned up or repaired during the same procedure. However, this may have an impact on the rehabilitation duration post-procedure.

Dr Rik will carefully study your case history and then decide the best course of action for your ACL Reconstruction surgery in Dubai. Each surgery may differ from case to case, but basic steps remain the same.

Recovering from ACL Reconstruction surgery

Following the procedure, you will be given crutches and a brace to help you walk right after the surgery. 

However return to activities including sports will be recommended in a graded manner, once specific objective milestones are reached during physiotherapy rehabilitation.

Return to competitive sports would not normally occur before 6 months after surgery and return to contact pivoting sport would be around 12 months after surgery.


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