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Knee Osteotomy is the process of altering the alignment of the knee to ease pain and help preserve the joint. When just one side of the knee gets damaged (mostly due to Unilateral Arthritis), Knee Osteotomy surgery is performed to create a normal pattern of weight-bearing on the knee joint.

Knee Osteotomy Surgery in Dubai is mostly recommended to reduce Osteoarthritis joint pain in younger, active patients.

When is a Knee Osteotomy surgery done?

When the joint cartilage in a knee wears out, resulting in a rough surface due to knee joint arthritis, the bones in the knee cannot move smoothly against each other.

The space between the femur and tibia bone reduces. This causes the knee to bow either inward or outward. By shifting the body weight to the undamaged part of the joint, knee osteotomy helps to extend the life span of the knee and improve joint pain.

Knee Osteotomies are of two types:

Indications that you need a Knee Osteotomy surgery

What happens during an Osteotomy surgery?

knee osteotomy surgery in dubai requires a high level of precision and Dr Rik will carefully plan such surgeries using specialist software to calculate the exact correction needed. The procedure is also carried out using image-guidance to monitor every step of the procedure.

Depending on what suits you the best, Dr. Rik may either use general or spinal anaesthesia followed by an incision around the bone area that needs to be realigned.

An opening wedge osteotomy procedure requires a cut across the shinbone, opening up a gap. This gap may be filled with a bone graft or it may be left to heal naturally depending on the size of the gap. The bone is then fixed and held with screws and a plate.

If you are having a closing wedge osteotomy surgery, Dr. Rik will begin by removing a wedge of bone from the Shinbone or the Thigh Bone. Then, bringing the sides of the opening together, he carefully closes the space with the help of metal hardware.

What happens after the surgery?

Dr. Rik usually advises patients to stay at the hospital for a night. This is to ensure comfort and to allow monitoring immediately after the procedure. 

You will be recommended to use crutches for 4-6 weeks after the osteotomy so that your bone has enough time to heal adequately. 

Dr. Rik will also arrange physiotherapy sessions for exercises that strengthen your quadriceps, improving your knee motion and balance.

It is important that you thoroughly follow the instructions and recommendations to rehabilitate back to normal activities within 3 to 6 months.

Benefits of the knee osteotomy surgery in dubai


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