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A knee arthroscopy is carried out by making an incision in your knee and inserting a small camera to gauge if there are any problems in your knee joint. Your surgeon will then evaluate the joint closely with the help of small instruments and carry out necessary treatment.

A knee arthroscopic surgery in dubai allows treating a torn meniscus, a dislocated patella (kneecap), or even the joint’s ligaments. Although this is a surgical procedure most patients recover significantly faster as compared to open surgery. However, the recovery span depends upon the complexity of your knee problem and the prognosis of the same.

Why is a Knee Arthroscopy needed?

Common indications include:

What can you expect during The procedure of Knee Arthroscopic Surgery In Dubai?

The procedure can be done with any of the following methods of anaesthesia:

Dr. Rik makes small incisions over your knee. Your knee is then expanded by introducing sterile saline so that the surgeon can have a clear internal view of the knee. 

The arthroscopy camera is placed through one of the incisions.

Once a particular knee problem is detected, he addresses these with the help of small minimally invasive instruments. These are inserted through other small incisions made around the joint.

Finally the surgeon drains out the saline, sutures the incisions and applies a compressive bandage to the knee.

Benefits of a Knee Arthroscopy

Recovery Following Knee Arthroscopic Surgery In Dubai

After the surgery, you will have a dressing on the wound and advised to use an ice pack. The ice will not only help to reduce pain but will also minimise possible swelling. Try keeping your leg at elevation and apply the ice pack for one to two days. Make sure to have someone back at home to care for you, at least for the first day.

You will be seen by the physiotherapist on the ward immediately after the arthroscopy – the physiotherapist will provide you with a home exercise guide which you should continue after discharge from the hospital. Outpatient physiotherapy sessions will also be arranged.

You will also be provided with appointments to attend the wound clinic for dressing changes and to visit Dr Rik for review of the wounds after the procedure.


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