Live An Independent And Zeleous Life With Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement is a common solution to treat advanced arthritis.


An Overview:


In advanced arthritis, the knee joint becomes swollen and constricted. The synovium tissues also wear and make movements frictional and painful. In such cases, any orthopaedic knee surgeon recommends a total knee replacement surgery in which the knee joint is replaced with an artificially created joint to mimic natural knee functions.


Total Knee Replacement Surgery: A Detailed Explanation


Total Knee Replacement surgery


The total knee replacement procedure  is an advanced surgery to replace the knee with a prosthetic knee joint with an aim to reduce pain and increase functionality. An orthopaedic surgeon removes the worn-out bones and synovium tissues and replaces them with a prosthesis that mimics the actions of the replaced parts.


Let’s understand how arthritis changes the original knee anatomy.


The knee anatomy comprises three main components: Femur, patella, and tibia. Due to different forms of arthritis, the knee cartilages that cushions the bone joints in the knee start wearing off, and the synovium membrane that lubricates the cartilage becomes inflamed. The degradation of these protective tissues and swelling of the knee joint makes it stiff and unable to move.


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The friction and weight-bearing cause excruciating knee pain in arthritis patients, to which total knee replacement surgery provides a lot of relief. With little restrictions and lifestyle management, your lifestyle will improve by almost 70%, and you will be able to live an independent and zealous life.


                                                  Examples are the best way to explain!
Suppose you have got a wooden door, with rusted hinges and swollen wood (due to exposure to rains), then what results are expected?
Improper movement of the door
The rusted hinge will resist the smooth pivotal movement, and wood swelling will not let the door close properly.


How To Prepare For Total Knee Replacement Surgery?


Diagnostic scans and MRI will be taken beforehand to plan out the surgery. You will be advised not to consume solid food for some time before surgery.


You must wear light clothes that you can cloak after the operation. You won’t be able to drive after surgery, so you must make prior arrangements.


Note: It is advised to share your health information with the surgeon, especially if you have comorbidities such as diabetes, cardiac disease, or acute disease. Also, notify if you seek aspirin or other blood clotting medications.


What happens during total knee replacement surgery?


Surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.


The surgeon will make an 8-10 inches long vertical slit on the knee. The knee cap is moved towards the side to see the knee joint better. The rough and damaged joint ends and cartilage are trimmed, removed and resurfaced, and the bone joint ends are prepared to dock the respective implant components, which are:


  1. Femoral Component


The femur bone end has a trochlear groove in the centre that allows it to glide smoothly. The Femoral implant component is prepared to fit on the bottom of the femur, and mimic femur bone end functions in the knee joint.


  1. Tibial Component


The tibia or the shinbone attaches the knee joint to the ankle joint. The tibial component is a  flat compartment that sits on top of the tibia. It has a stem attached that is press-fit in the tunnel drilled into the tibia.


  1. Plastic Spacer


The plastic spacer is inserted between two metal implant components: The femur and tibia implant components. It works analogous to the meniscus and provides a smooth surface to glide the femoral ball over it easily.


  1. Patellar Component


If the back of the patella has been worn due to arthritis, then the diseased part is trimmed and resurfaced, and a dome-shaped patellar component is attached to it.


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Recovery From The Total Knee Replacement Procedure


Total Knee Replacement recovery


After surgery, you will be taken to another room for post-op care. Later that day, or the following day, a physiotherapist will attend to you to rehabilitate your the operated leg. He will teach you specific leg extension exercises to restore knee mobility.

The same day after rehab, you will be able to walk with a walker or crutches. Typically, patients are discharged 2-3 days after observing total knee replacement recovery. Before your release, you will be given the following instructions:

  • Take medications timely
  • Keep the sutures clean
  • Walk with help of crutches or a walker. Do not attempt to walk independently without a walker in the first week
  • Do not bend knees past 90 degrees.
  • Exercise leg as per physiotherapist advice 2-3 times a day


What To Expect


You can expect the following results from the total knee replacement surgery:

  • Walking alone without crutches after the first week
  • Improved range of knee movements
  • Should be able to straighten and bend knees to 90 degrees
  • Climb stairs


Note: It is advised to put your operated knee first while going downstairs and put your good knee first while going upstairs.


In one month, you should witness considerable improvement in knee functionality; you will be able to resume most of your day-to-day activities, such as walking, driving, etc., with little precautions.


What does Dr Rik Kundra have to say about Total knee replacement surgery?


Dr Rik Kundra is a highly experienced and esteemed specialist knee surgeon in Dubai. With approximately two decades of experience in orthopaedic surgeries, he believes arthritis can be very painful and limit your activities. Total knee replacement surgery is a potential surgery to relieve pain and  help you stay active in your golden years.

Dr Rik Kundra has a special interest in knee joint preservation, biological knee reconstruction and minimally invasive orthopaedic surgeries and can help defer early arthritis with bone preservation surgeries. However, total knee replacement is one of the most common surgeries in Dubai. So if you have advanced arthritis in the knee and are interested in the total knee replacement procedure, book a consultation with Dr Rik Kundra for the best knee treatment.


All content and media on this page are created and published for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice. Meet Dr. Rik personally for appropriate medical diagnosis and advice.

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